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Our Strengths

  • Truserve links Indian Manufacturing expertise of Casting Products, Forgings, Precision Machined Components and the Customer Demand as closely as possible in order to reduce Costs, minimize Business Risk and to meet customer expectations for Performance and Quality.
  • Solutions for Customer’s Most Challenging problems in Sourcing of Intricate products with Most Critical requirements.
  • Truserve experts offer a 360-degree view of the Supply Chain management system, from selection of Suppliers to ensure Effective functioning of Supply Chain.
  • We are specialized in establishing Long-term, Efficient Business Relationships viz a Responsive and Cost Efficient Indian Supply Chain.
  • Our team of Project Managers can handle all aspects of Sourcing, Quality, Production and Logistics.
  • We work with customers on Cost Saving projects through Value Engineering and Innovation.
  • We are extremely sensitive to the confidential nature of Client Data and are committed to maintain the Trust of Our Customers.
  •  We ensure product excellence by routinely Evaluating, Monitoring and Auditing our Strategic Partners and Suppliers for Continuous Improvement.
  • Our objective is to provide quality products and outstanding service to reduce the total cost of product sourced and ensuring compliance to quality with adherence to On-time Delivery.
  • Commitment to technical excellence.
  • High quality and cost effective solutions.
  • Highly qualified and practiced Engineers.
  • Energetic and immensely talented management.
  • Access to the latest and World’s best practices of casting technology.

Truserve Quality Assurance

  • Our Team and associates are familiar and experienced with Internationally followed quality standards Like ASTM, ASME, ANSI, DIN, EN, JIS, BSI, etc.
  • Our Quality Inspectors are Certified according to ASNT SNT TC – 1A & EN 473 PED -  LEVEL – II  for various ‘NDT – Non Destructive Testing of Materials’ like Radiography / X-ray, Ultrasonic Test, Liquid Die-Penetrant Examination, Magnetic Particle Inspection & Visual Inspection.
  • We do 100% witnessing of all Casting, Forging and Machined parts Quality Checks right from Incoming Raw Material till Final Inspection Including NDT tests i.e. LPI, MPI, RT, UT, Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspections, Packing, Quality Documentation, etc.
  • We are closely associated with ASNT / EN LEVEL – III Certified Inspectors for clarifications and guidance.
  • We develop and source quality components from competitive and qualified manufacturing facilities in India taking responsibility for Quality, Cost and Delivery.
  • We source and purchase on your behalf, rather than ‘selling’ to you.